NissanFest Starts in

Registration for NissanFest 2016

General Admission


Car Show – SOLD OUT

Registration for the car show is now open!  Roll-in instructions will be emailed out by April 14, 2017.



evergreen autox

Tech Requirements:

Team Tandem Application (3 or 4 car teams)- $150/car

Pre-Registration: CLOSED
Tech: Tech Requirements:
– This is an application for your team.  All applications must be in by March 25, 2017 and you will be notified by April 1, 2017 if you were picked to compete.
– We’re running a cageless route on track so grab your friends and set your team up!
– We are expanding this year to allow 4 car team tandems.  You are required a MINIMUM of 3 cars to compete as a team.